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  1. Resolving Ethics Trade-offs in Implementing Responsible AI
    Conrad Sanderson, Emma Schleiger, David Douglas, Petra Kuhnert, and Qinghua Lu
  2. Just Trade-Offs in a Net-Zero Transition and Social Impact Assessment
    Yuwan Malakar, Andrea Walton, Luk J.M. Peeters, David M. Douglas, and Dan O’Sullivan
    Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2024


  1. Ethical risks of AI-designed products: bespoke surgical tools as a case study
    David M. Douglas, Justine Lacey, and David Howard
    AI and Ethics, 2023
  2. AI Ethics Principles in Practice: Perspectives of Designers and Developers
    Conrad Sanderson, David Douglas, Qinghua Lu, Emma Schleiger, Jon Whittle, Justine Lacey, Glenn Newnham, Stefan Hajkowicz, Cathy Robinson, and David Hansen
    IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society, Jun 2023
    Conference Name: IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society
  3. Who to Trust, How and Why: Untangling AI Ethics Principles, Trustworthiness and Trust
    Andreas Duenser, and David M. Douglas
    IEEE Intelligent Systems, Jun 2023
  4. Implementing Responsible AI: Tensions and Trade-Offs Between Ethics Aspects
    Conrad Sanderson, David Douglas, and Qinghua Lu
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.08275, Jun 2023


  1. Towards Operationalising Responsible AI: An Empirical Study
    Conrad Sanderson, Qinghua Lu, David Douglas, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, and Jon Whittle
    arXiv:2205.04358 [cs], May 2022
    arXiv: 2205.04358
  2. Ethical responsibility and computational design: bespoke surgical tools as an instructive case study
    David M. Douglas, Justine Lacey, and David Howard
    Ethics and Information Technology, Feb 2022
  3. Towards Implementing Responsible AI
    Conrad Sanderson, Qinghua Lu, David Douglas, Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, and Jon Whittle
    In 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), Dec 2022
  4. Software engineering for responsible AI: An empirical study and operationalised patterns
    Qinghua Lu, Liming Zhu, Xiwei Xu, Jon Whittle, David Douglas, and Conrad Sanderson
    In Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering in Practice, Dec 2022


  1. Moral responsibility for computationally designed products
    David M. Douglas, David Howard, and Justine Lacey
    AI and Ethics, Dec 2021


  1. Doxing as Audience Vigilantism against Hate Speech
    David M. Douglas
    In Introducing Vigilant Audiences, Dec 2020
  2. The Network and the Demos: Big Data and the Epistemic Justifications of Democracy
    Dave Kinkead, and David M. Douglas
    In Big Data and Democracy, Dec 2020
  3. Machine Learning and Responsibility in Criminal Investigation
    Georgina Ibarra, David Douglas, and Meena Tharmarajah
    Dec 2020


  1. Ethical Analysis of AI and Robotics Technologies
    Philip Jensen, Philip Brey, Alice Fox, Jonne Maas, Bradley Hillas, Nils Wagner, Patrick Smith, Isaac Oluoch, Laura Lamers, Hero Gein, Anaïs Resseguier, Rowena Rodrigues, David Wright, and David Douglas
    Dec 2019
  2. Should researchers use data from security breaches?
    David M. Douglas
    Communications of the ACM, Nov 2019
  3. Cyberwar and Mediation Theory
    Nolen Gertz, Peter-Paul Verbeek, and David M. Douglas
    Delphi - Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies, Nov 2019


  1. Should Internet Researchers Use Ill-Gotten Information?
    David M. Douglas
    Science and Engineering Ethics, Aug 2018
  2. Personal Information, Identification Information, and Identity Knowledge
    David M Douglas
    UniSA Student Law Review, Aug 2018


  1. A Reasoned Proposal for Shared Approaches to Ethics Assessment in the European Context
    Philip Jensen, Wessel Reijers, David Douglas, Faridun Sattarov, Agata Gurzawska, Alexandra Kapeller, Philip Brey, Rok Benčin, Zuzanna Warso, and Robert Braun
    May 2017
  2. Roadmap towards Adoption of a Fully Developed Ethics Assessment Framework
    Anna Leinonen, Raija Koivisto, Anu Tuominen, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Philip Jansen, Alexandra Kapeller, and Philip Brey
    May 2017
  3. Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework
    Ingrid Callies, Philip Jansen, Wessel Reijers, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Alexandra Kapeller, Philip Brey, Rok Benčin, and Zuzanna Warso
    May 2017
  4. Dual-Use or No-Use? The Ethics of Booters and DDoS-for-Hire
    David M. Douglas, José Jair Santanna, Ricardo de O. Schmidt, Lisandro Z. Granville, and Aiko Pras
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, May 2017


  1. Doxing: A Conceptual Analysis
    David M. Douglas
    Ethics and Information Technology, Sep 2016
  2. Models for Ethics Assessment and Guidance in Higher Education
    Philip Brey, David Douglas, Alexandra Kapeller, Rok Benčin, Daniela Ovadia, and Doris Wolfslehner
    Sep 2016


  1. Principles and Approaches in Ethics Assessment: Ethics and Risk
    Raija Koivisto, and David Douglas
    Jun 2015
  2. Ethics Assessment in Different Countries: China
    Xin Ming, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, and Philip Brey
    Jun 2015
  3. Ethics Assessment in Different Fields: Medical and Life Sciences
    Karin Leersum, and David Douglas
    Jun 2015
  4. SATORI Deliverable D1.1: Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Practices and Institutions in the EU and Selected Other Countries
    Clare Shelley-Egan, Philip Brey, Rowena Rodrigues, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Lise Bitsch, David Wright, and Kush Wadhwa
    Jun 2015
  5. Towards a Just and Fair Internet: Applying Rawls’ Principles of Justice to Internet Regulation
    David M. Douglas
    Ethics and Information Technology, Mar 2015
  6. Ethical values and the global carbon integrity system
    Rowena Maguire, David M Douglas, Vesselin Popovski, and Hugh Breakey
    In Ethical Values and the Integrity of the Climate Change Regime, Mar 2015


  1. The Social Goods of Information Networks: Complex Equality and Wu’s Separation Principles
    David M. Douglas
    First Monday, Sep 2014


  1. Pre-Owned Games
    David M. Douglas
    Oct 2013


  1. Making ICT Careers Accessible: The Value of Certification
    David M. Douglas
    Information Age, Aug 2012


  1. The Social Disutility of Software Ownership
    David M. Douglas
    Science and Engineering Ethics, Sep 2011
  2. A Bundle of Software Rights and Duties
    David M. Douglas
    Ethics and Information Technology, Sep 2011
  3. The Rights and Duties of Software Users: An Examination of the Ethics of Software Ownership
    David M. Douglas
    Sep 2011


  1. A Beneficial Monopoly: Jeremy Bentham on Monopolies and Patents
    David M. Douglas
    Sep 2009