Stakeholders Acting Together On the ethical impact assessment of Research and Innovation

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

SATORI (Stakeholders Acting Together On the ethical impact assessment of Research and Innovation) was a four-year EU project to develop a common European framework for the ethical assessment of research and innovation activity. I contributed to the project during my time with the University of Twente in 2015 and 2016.

Further details about the project and the guidelines it developed are available at the SATORI website.



  1. A Reasoned Proposal for Shared Approaches to Ethics Assessment in the European Context
    Philip Jensen, Wessel Reijers, David Douglas, Faridun Sattarov, Agata Gurzawska, Alexandra Kapeller, Philip Brey, Rok Benčin, Zuzanna Warso, and Robert Braun
    May 2017
  2. Roadmap towards Adoption of a Fully Developed Ethics Assessment Framework
    Anna Leinonen, Raija Koivisto, Anu Tuominen, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Philip Jansen, Alexandra Kapeller, and Philip Brey
    May 2017
  3. Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework
    Ingrid Callies, Philip Jansen, Wessel Reijers, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Alexandra Kapeller, Philip Brey, Rok Benčin, and Zuzanna Warso
    May 2017


  1. Models for Ethics Assessment and Guidance in Higher Education
    Philip Brey, David Douglas, Alexandra Kapeller, Rok Benčin, Daniela Ovadia, and Doris Wolfslehner
    May 2016


  1. Principles and Approaches in Ethics Assessment: Ethics and Risk
    Raija Koivisto, and David Douglas
    Jun 2015
  2. Ethics Assessment in Different Countries: China
    Xin Ming, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, and Philip Brey
    Jun 2015
  3. Ethics Assessment in Different Fields: Medical and Life Sciences
    Karin Leersum, and David Douglas
    Jun 2015
  4. SATORI Deliverable D1.1: Ethical Assessment of Research and Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Practices and Institutions in the EU and Selected Other Countries
    Clare Shelley-Egan, Philip Brey, Rowena Rodrigues, David Douglas, Agata Gurzawska, Lise Bitsch, David Wright, and Kush Wadhwa
    Jun 2015